Texas Deen Intensive 2024

Fortifying the Bonds of Faith: Transforming the Passive Muslim

The University of Texas at Austin

Lady Bird Johnson (LBJ) Auditorium | Thompson Conference Center

February 9th – 11th

In pursuit of a deeper spiritual understanding, the profound Islamic principles of unity, purpose, and resilience fortify bonds in the ummah. Dive into teachings that guide individuals in recognizing their life’s purpose, the significance of personal actions, and the strength found in adversity. Understand the intricacies of navigating internal adversities as we draw inspiration from the characteristics of Prophets who stood unwaveringly against injustice.

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“DI is a surreal experience to connect more with your deen and Allah (SWT)” – Fouad Tawil

“A chance to discover your identity and explore your genuine convictions.” – Hamza Zaveri